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Friday, November 6

8:30am PST

100: Using Technology to Increase Conceptual Understanding in Algebra and Geometry PSCC-Primrose AAnnie Fetter 199: Vendor Presentation Renaissance-Cactus 140: Deepen Fractional Thinking within a Blended 'Learning Pit' PSCC-Mesquite AValerie Henry • Rudy Neufeld 141: Mini-Assessments: Shine a Light on Student Understanding Renaissance-AndreasAstrid Fossum 142: Using William's Taxonomy to Spark Deeper Understanding Renaissance-Pueblo BJennifer Almer 143: Buddy Teachers + Buddy Classrooms = Math Success Hilton-Horizon IJane Felling • Eliza Sorte-Thomas 144: Sparking Deeper Understanding of Fractions for Every Student Hilton-Horizon IIDonna L Knoell 145: Counting Collections: Developing Number Sense with Fractions Hilton-Plaza CJulie Kern • Kim Morchower 153: Doodle to Show What You Know PSCC-Smoke Tree DJill Gough • Jennifer Wilson 156: Teaching Statistics in the Middle School Classroom Hard Rock-Palladium SouthJessica Jordan • Brisia De La Rosa 157: We Need to Reason Why: Division of Fractions Hard Rock-Woodstock TwoCarmen Whitman 158: Ratios/Proportions in the Common Core Classroom Hard Rock-Woodstock ThreeCaroline Kwak Lau • Thomas Lau 160: Proportional Reasoning: 3 Strategies to Spark Engagement PSCC-Mesquite DShelley Kriegler • Cynthia Raff 161: Use Cubes as a Setting for Your Problem Solving PSCC-Mesquite HDennis Mulhearn 162: Rich Real World Problems PSCC-Primrose BROBERT KAPLINSKY 163: Algebra Intervention Rigor Problem Solving and the CCSS Renaissance-CatalinaMardi Gale • Angela Knotts 171: Under Construction: A Different Perspective PSCC-Mesquite DStephen Roeder 172: Sense-making the Ultimate Intervention PSCC-Mesquite EBarbara Kuehl • Janet Sutorius 173: Discover M3 Concept- Making Math Meaningful PSCC-Smoke Tree BDeepika Srivastava 174: Orchestrating A Desire in Your Students to Learn Statistics PSCC-Smoke Tree CCPM Educational Program 175: Transformation Geometry Immediate Interactive Investigation PSCC-Smoke Tree ETom Reardon 176: Check for Understanding with Student Created Videos PSCC-Smoke Tree FPrincess Choi 177: How NORMAL are we EXPECTED to be? Renaissance-Mojave Lrng CtrRobin Levine-Wissing • Rhoda McInerney 178: Using the Math Practices to Focus Teacher Inquiry Renaissance-SierraMichael Simone • Matthew Taylor 179: Move and Groove in the Classroom with Engaging Activities Hard Rock-Palladium NorthMarcella Cook • Linda Faulk 195: Orchestrating the FTC Conversation: Explore Prove Apply PSCC-Mesquite BBrent Ferguson 196: Taming the AP Statistics Investigative Task Hard Rock-Roxy OneDaren Starnes 180: Close Reading with Graphs Hard Rock-Palladium NorthKelly Nelson 181: Writing Activities That Help Deepen Student Understanding Hard Rock-Palladium SouthRobert Gerver 182: Using Proofs in AP Calc to Spark Engagement & Understanding Hard Rock-RoxyBrent Ferguson 183: 5 Fantastic Activities for Stats Hard Rock-Roxy OneJared Derksen 184: Conceptual to Procedural: Reversing Your Ideas of Inverse PSCC-Mesquite BBarbara Kuehl • Janet Sutorius 185: Deepening Algebraic Thinking and Understanding PSCC-Mesquite EAl Rabanera • Armandina Turner 186: What Math is Important in ÒAlgebra II and PreCalculusÓ? PSCC-Mesquite FGail Burrill 187: Sparking the SMPs Ð Make Sense Reason and Model PSCC-Smoke Tree BBetty Gasque 188: Do Not Become un-ÔHingedÕ Learn to Diagnose! PSCC-Smoke Tree DCeline Liu • Debra Mintz 189: Constructions Portfolio: Spark it Digitally Renaissance-SierraSherrina Clark 150: At the intersection of not very-traveled roads Hard Rock-Woodstock OneGreisy Winicki Landman 151: Language Thinking and Mathematics Hard Rock-Woodstock ThreeJavier Garcia 152: How to do Groupwork Poorly...or Not (the sequel) Hard Rock-Woodstock TwoVanessa Cerrahoglu • Jeremy Hansuvadha 154: Deeper Understanding for High School Special Ed Students PSCC-Smoke Tree ADianne DeMille • Jennifer Munoz 155: Watch Your Language: Spark Understanding Thru Conversation PSCC-Smoke Tree CMarcella Cook • Linda Faulk 110: Analyzing Strong Math Instructional Practices through Video PSCC-Mesquite GBarbara Beske • Shelbi Cole 111: Model Classrooms: Innovating with Technology and Mathematics PSCC-Smoke Tree EMichael Akins • Lisa Waide 112: Create Dynamic Digital Learning Experiences with Google PSCC-Smoke Tree FCherie Brown • Julie Schultz 113: Fostering Problem Solving Renaissance-MaderaDavid Foster 114: Design Thinking To Spark Creativity and Deeper Understanding Renaissance-Mojave Lrng CtrEllen Crews • Angela Townsend 116: Mathematics + Integrated ELD = Access and Deep Understanding Renaissance-Santa RosaChristine Roberts • Stephanie Verners 130: 'How Do They Relate? Teaching Students to Connect Ideas' Hilton-Palm CanyonTracy Zager 131: Speed kills...student achievement: What's the alternative? Hilton-TapestrySean Nank 132: Sparking Deeper Understanding in ELs: It Is Possible! PSCC-Mesquite CElmano Costa 133: Promoting DepthÊThrough Students' Representations Renaissance-Chino BRyan Dent • Kristian Quiocho 109: Supporting Teachers to Deepen Classroom Discourse Renaissance-Pueblo ACommon Core Circles Committee • Melanie Maxwell 115: Performance Tasks & Rubrics for Primary Grades Hilton-Plaza APia Hansen 117: Counting & Number Sense with Young Children Hilton-Plaza CLinnea Paul • Rosie Torres 118: Developing Problem Solvers in the Primary Classrooms Hilton-Plaza DAbbey Shaw Linder • Jeff Linder 120: Growth Mindset in a CGI Inspired Classroom Hard Rock-Roxy TwoJosephine Hill • Gordon Smoire 121: Kindergarten - the Initial Hook of a Math Journey Hilton-Plaza AKristen Acosta • Stacy Zagurski 122: Our CGI Journey Hilton-Plaza BJennifer Bell • Cassidy Nelson 123: Developing Mathematical Concepts for ALL Early Learners Hilton-Plaza DCaryl Pierson • Susie Whisnant 124: Implementing Number Talks in the Primary Classroom Renaissance-San JacintoMary Wallis 125: Rock Your Math Class Renaissance-VenturaNancy Brown • Ron Brown 101: Principles to Actions: Ensuring Mathematical Success for All PSCC-Primrose AMatthew Larson 102: Supporting Students in Agency Identity and Authority PSCC-Primrose BDavid Foster 105: Choosing a Task for Orchestrating Classroom Discussions Renaissance-Chino BMelanie Maxwell 106: Steam into Common Core Hard Rock-RoxyMaz Wright 107: Digital Tools + Three-Act Tasks: Marriages Made in the Cloud PSCC-Primrose CArjan Khalsa • Julie McNamara 108: CCSSM: Please Invite Me into Your Lesson Renaissance-Chino AKwame Anthony Scott

10:30am PST

200: Rigorous Teaching and LearningÑSparking StudentsÕ Passions PSCC-Primrose BLee V. Stiff 203: Math Mistakes and Error Analysis: Diamonds in the Rough PSCC-Primrose AAndrew Stadel 201: Connecting Data to Instruction - Looking at Smarter Balanced Items & Responses to Inform Instruction PSCC-Primrose CJudy Hickman 202: What is Academic Rigor in the Primary Classroom? PSCC-Primrose AKathleen Richardson 299: Vendor Presentation Renaissance-Cactus 240: Parent Voice and Knowledge in the Elementary Math Classroom Hilton-Plaza AArmando Martinez Cruz • Maribel Reyes 241: Station Teaching in Action: Unpacking Meaning of Fraction PSCC-Mesquite ABridget Druken • Alison Marzocchi 243: Creating Conversation and Communication in Math Renaissance-Mojave Lrng CtrStephanie Dempsey • Kimberly Voge 244: Multiplication Fact Fluency Built on Understanding Renaissance-Santa RosaJulie Joseph 242: Fractions Number Talks Renaissance-San JacintoKim Webb 253: What's the Odds? Probability in Middle School. Renaissance-AndreasEnriqueta Ramirez-Gomez • Johnny Reyes 254: Getting Students To Ask Better Questions Renaissance-Mojave Lrng CtrAvery Pickford 256: Algebra Intervention Rigor Problem Solving and the CCSS Hard Rock-Palladium SouthMardi Gale 257: Fun With Statistics in Middle School Hard Rock-Woodstock ThreeJenn Hagman • Zachary Hagman 258: More Face Time with a Flipped Classroom Renaissance-Pueblo AMary Byrnes • Suzanne Cowan 260: Perseverance Problem Solving Strategies for Understanding Hard Rock-Palladium NorthAndrea Cadman 261: Seeing Proportions: Hands-on to Visual to Abstract Hard Rock-Woodstock ThreeSheldon Erickson 262: Ratios Rates and Fractions Oh My! Hard Rock-Woodstock TwoEllen Whitesides 263: Build Conceptual Understanding Using a Clothesline Hilton-Palm CanyonDaniel Luevanos 264: Guiding Students to Those Aha Moments Without the Ughh! Hilton-TapestryIvan Cheng • Jaspreet Sandha 265: Expressions and Equations: 3 Strategies to Spark Engagement PSCC-Mesquite DShelley Kriegler • Cynthia Raff 266: Number Talks Ð You Can Start Next Week!! PSCC-Mesquite GChris Harris • Laura Ruggles 267: Meaningful teaching of Integers Expression n Equations PSCC-Mesquite Hguillermo mendieta 268: Don't Cell Yourself Short: Sparking Deeper Understanding! PSCC-Smoke Tree CCindy Bryant 269: Icons Do It: Targeted Feedback to Support Student Learning Renaissance-AndreasSendhil Revuluri 270: S.T.E.M. on a Shoestring Renaissance-CatalinaBrad Fulton 271: Deeper Understanding of NGSS in CCSS Math for Middle School Renaissance-San JacintoAnthony Quan 272: Multiple Representations to Support Modeling Renaissance-VenturaKyndall Brown 259: Desmos and Modeling: A Mathematical Match Made in Heaven Renaissance-Santa RosaMichael Fenton 273: Supporting Meaningful Mathematical Student Discourse Renaissance-SierraMatthew Taylor 274: Orchestrating Simulations in Common Core Statistics Hard Rock-Palladium NorthJason Molesky • Douglas Tyson 275: Classroom Routines to Support Mathematical Discourse Hard Rock-RoxyBree Pickford-Murray 276: Math Tech-Toolkit Hard Rock-Woodstock OneRachel Lasek 277: What Makes a Good Application Problem? Hard Rock-Woodstock TwoTom Seidenberg 278: Building Conceptual Understanding with Scenario-Based Tasks Hard Rock-Roxy TwoNate Goza • Liem Tran 295: Composition – Slope Fields Forever PSCC-Smoke Tree EVeronica Carlson • Kim Thomas 296: Connecting Data Analysis Design and Statistical Inference Hard Rock-Roxy OneDaren Starnes 280: Advanced Algebra with Finance: A 3rd-4th Year Math Option Hard Rock-Palladium SouthRobert Gerver 281: AP Calculus Ð My Favorite Class! Hard Rock-RoxyHoward Alcosser 282: Be Careful What You Ask For! Questioning for Understanding PSCC-Mesquite BBarbara Kuehl • Janet Sutorius 283: Increasing Access to AP Calculus with Vertical Planning PSCC-Mesquite ENate Goza • Liem Tran 284: AP Calculus: Connecting and Developing Math Practices PSCC-Mesquite FGail Burrill • Benjamin Hedrick 285: The Struggle is Real (World) PSCC-Smoke Tree APaul Battaglia 286: Promoting Productive Struggle through Proofs in Geometry PSCC-Smoke Tree DNatasha Desai 287: From Seeing Dots to Lewis Carroll Renaissance-SierraMaureen Burkhart • Michelle Katz 250: No Heads or Tails: The Juicy Middle of Real Word Problems Hard Rock-Woodstock OneTim McCaffrey 251: Battling Zombies with STEM Strategies PSCC-Smoke Tree BJeff Lukens 252: Using FREE technology to increase and assess understanding PSCC-Smoke Tree EKristi Sedlak • Edward Simons 210: Square Progression Hard Rock-Roxy OneAnna Kwak • Maria Sims 230: Formative Assessment Practices in CGI Hilton-Plaza CGabby Cardenas • Olivia Lozano 231: Using Questioning to Spark Deeper Understanding Hilton-Plaza DGohar Hamo • Matthieu Hamo 232: Fluency: More Than Facts! PSCC-Mesquite CJenn Hagman • Kelli Wasserman 233: DonÕt Wait: Create Math Curriculum on Your iPad Now! PSCC-Smoke Tree FGlenn Kenyon 234: Guided Planning: Forming a Keystone Habit Renaissance-Pueblo BCristina Charney 206: Improving Student Outcomes Through Family Engagement Hilton-Horizon IJuwen Lam • Celine Liu 207: Leading Coaches: Vision Teamwork and Implementation Renaissance-Pueblo AMelanie Maxwell 208: Changing the Game: Redefining District Assessments Renaissance-Chino AAudrey Mendivil 209: The Leader's Role in Dismantling Mathematical Inequities Hard Rock-Roxy TwoEllen Barger 205: Developing Competency for Grade 1 Essential Math Skills PSCC-Mesquite GBob Sornson 211: Math Fact Fluency! Every Teacher's Responsibility! PSCC-Mesquite CKim Sutton 212: Number Sense: It all begins with Structuring of Numbers! Renaissance-Pueblo BMary Dickerson • Jacqueline Piddington 213: Math in the Moment - Exploring Number in Early Childhood Hilton-Plaza BBarbara Chisholm • Noam Szoke 214: Math Lab: Let’s Explore Let’s Share Hilton-Plaza CGordon Smoire 220: Oh the Math That They'll Know! ÊK - 2ÊPost Game Activities Hilton-Horizon IJane Felling 221: Making Sense of Addition & Subtraction Through Literature Hilton-Horizon IISara Moore 222: Teacher Moves to Differentiate your CGI Math Lesson Hilton-Plaza BNoelani Ogasawara Morris • Kelly Peters 224: Sparking Deeper Understanding with Lesson Study Renaissance-Chino BLinda Guss • Clifford Schaeffer 223: Enhance Problem Solving With Blended Learning Hilton-Palm CanyonDonna L Knoell • Joe Trahan

1:30pm PST

300: Teaching Mathematics: Reflections and Insights on >1000 Classroom Observations PSCC-Primrose BSteven Leinwand 302: Conferring and Questioning to Spark Deeper Understanding PSCC-Primrose ACathy Fosnot 303: Five Instructional Shifts to Orchestrate K-5 CC Classrooms Hilton-Horizon IDr. Juli Dixon, Alex and Jessica Dixon 399: Vendor Presentation Renaissance-Cactus 334: Tuning Up Fractions Hilton-Plaza BLinda West 340: Involve ALL in Meaningful Algebraic Thinking Experiences Hilton-Horizon ICook Marcy 341: IGNITE your math class with MATH TALKS! Hilton-Palm CanyonRhoda McEntee 342: Understanding the Scale Factor Hilton-Plaza AMeg Hearn • Anita Williams 343: Mathematics a verb?! Hilton-Plaza BRebecca Heneise • Ros‡ngela Viera 344: Catching Students Up on Fractions Without Reteaching Hilton-Plaza DBarbara Beske • Shelbi Cole 345: Thinking Critically About Math: Comparing and Connecting PSCC-Smoke Tree EAnna Scharfeld 346: Unraveling Whole Numbers and Fractions on the Number Line Renaissance-AndreasArjan Khalsa • Julie McNamara 347: Understand Division: From the Area Model to the Algorithm Renaissance-Chino BKatharine Velleman 348: Fluency Discourse and Standards for Mathematical Practice Renaissance-Pueblo BCathy Carroll 349: Fire Up Your Students for Fractions with Number Talks Renaissance-Santa RosaStephanie Verners • Kim Webb 357: Weapons of Math Instruction...APPS-olutely! Hard Rock-Roxy TwoSteve Morris 358: Football Foul Play Fish and Functions Hard Rock-Woodstock TwoMichael Nakamaye • Michelle Sidwell 360: Using Algebra Tiles to Spark Deeper Understanding Ð MS Hard Rock-Palladium NorthCPM Educational Program 361: Did you say transformations or transformers? PSCC-Mesquite ATamara Bonn 362: 5 Steps to a Growth Mindset Culture in Co-Teach Classes PSCC-Mesquite DCarla Jacobs • Margaret Macabasco 363: The Power of Feedback PSCC-Mesquite HJenn Hagman • Kelli Wasserman 364: Division of Fractions Through Problem Progressions PSCC-Smoke Tree AMarisa Aoki 365: Creating a Puppy Ð A Transformational Geometry Activity PSCC-Smoke Tree BFred Decovsky 370: Higher DOK Problems That Will Get Your Students Talking PSCC-Mesquite BNanette Johnson 371: Expected Value: Orchestrating Understanding PSCC-Mesquite DJim Short 372: Learning Over Time With Task-based Instruction (Part 2) PSCC-Mesquite EBarbara Kuehl • Janet Sutorius 373: Developing a Conceptual Understanding of Slope PSCC-Smoke Tree ABetty Gasque 374: Promoting Critical Thinking in Geometry Renaissance-AndreasKatie Martinez 375: The Core of The Core Renaissance-CatalinaChris Shore 376: How to do Group Work Poorly… or Not Renaissance-Santa RosaVanessa Cerrahoglu • Jeremy Hansuvadha 377: Two-Way Frequency Tables: Teaching a New Statistics Standard Hard Rock-Palladium SouthChase Orton 378: Understanding the Statistics in Common Core Algebra 1 & 2 Hard Rock-Woodstock OneRobert Gerver 379: Zombies in the High School Classroom PSCC-Smoke Tree BDr. Leann Iacuone • Elizabeth Wilson Ludy 394: Calculus Before Calculus in a Student Centered Class Renaissance-Mojave Lrng CtrSusan Keeble 395: Orchestrating a ‘Flipped’ AP Calc Class Using TI-Navigator PSCC-Smoke Tree EJoanne Ryan 396: Stats Projects for CCSS--Engaging AND Meaningful Projects! Hard Rock-Roxy OneJared Derksen 380: Making Sense of Inference for Sampling and Experiments Hard Rock-RoxyDaren Starnes 381: Introducing the 4th-year HS Math Course Hard Rock-Roxy OneDiana Ceja • Lilian Metlitzky 382: Identifying & Creating Quality HS Tasks to Motivate Students Hard Rock-Woodstock OneSuzie Fore • Jannelle Olivier 383: Digging Into Mathematical Modeling (Insect Classification) PSCC-Mesquite BDan Teague 384: Exciting and Valuable Assessments PSCC-Mesquite EAnais Arteaga • Meghan McGovern 385: Intutiion to Formal Math: Engaging Contexts Spark Learning PSCC-Mesquite FJim Short 386: A Deeper Understanding of Algebra Through Studying Exercise PSCC-Smoke Tree CPaul Kelley 387: Getting High School Students to Communicate Mathematically Renaissance-SierraKatie DeGraffenreid • Megan Scott 350: Linear Functions Roadmap: Making Connections Across Grades Hard Rock-Roxy TwoMartha Barrett • Kristie Donavan 351: Survey Said! Playing Family Feud to Spark Engagement Hard Rock-Woodstock ThreeMarty Bonsangue • Cherie Ichinose 352: Teach Problem Solving Strategies So ALL Succeed in Algebra Hard Rock-Woodstock TwoJudy Kysh 353: Googlizing a Math Unit..Putting the FUN back in Fundamental! PSCC-Mesquite GSteve Morris 354: Looking deeper: the interplay between math tech and art PSCC-Smoke Tree DBryant Cooper • Kellie Evans 355: Using Google Forms for Quick Formative Assessments PSCC-Smoke Tree FRachel Lasek 356: Watch Your Language: Spark Understanding Thru Conversation Renaissance-CatalinaMarcella Cook • Linda Faulk 310: Student Self Assessment for Deeper Understanding Hard Rock-Palladium SouthMindy Shacklett 311: Six Essential Expectations for Effective Math Instruction Renaissance-Chino ADr. Juli Dixon, Alex and Jessica Dixon 330: A ParentÕs Guide for Thinking Tools: The Number Line K-5 Hilton-Horizon IIChristina Lincoln-Moore 331: Code Code Code Your Bot Gently Down The STEAM! Hilton-TapestryKyle Myers • Tracy Ramont 332: Using Hundreds Charts-It's For More Than Just Counting PSCC-Mesquite CMichelle Kubiak • Susan Kunze 333: More Math Please! Renaissance-VenturaNancy Brown • Ron Brown 301: Scaffolding Students Towards Authentic Mathematical Modeling PSCC-Primrose CHeather Dallas 312: “I’m Bored”: Challenging Advanced Learners in Primary Grades Hilton-Plaza DMichele Ogden, Ed.D. 320: Counting & Number Sense with Young Children Hilton-Plaza CLinnea Paul • Rosie Torres 321: Math is All Around Us: Exploring the World With Mathematics Renaissance-Mojave Lrng CtrJean Chen-Wu • Cathery Yeh 322: The Hundred Chart- Not Just a Wall Ornament! Renaissance-San JacintoJanelle Chisholm 323: What Does Maker Education Have To Do With Math? Renaissance-SierraJoshua Curtiss • Casey Shea 305: Starting a Math Fight Hard Rock-RoxyJohn Stevens 306: Monitoring a Task for Orchestrating Classroom Discussions Renaissance-Chino BBruce Arnold • Common Core Circles Committee 309: Essential Math Concepts for Preservice Teachers PreK-6 Renaissance-Pueblo ARajee Amarasinghe • Joanne Rossi Becker

3:30pm PST

400: Facilitating Meaningful Discourse in Mathematics Classroom PSCC-Primrose AMargaret Smith 403: Mathematical Practice In the Classroom PSCC-Primrose BDr. William McCallum 401: From Counting to Problem Solving: Supporting the development of understanding for each student PSCC-Primrose CMegan Franke 404: Each Child is Mathematically Amazing: Learning From Students to Support Participation Hilton-Horizon IMegan Franke 402: Letting Go: Cultivating Agency and Authority in the Secondary Mathematics Classroom PSCC-Primrose BCathy Humphreys 406: Renaissance-Pueblo A 499: Vendor Presentation Renaissance-Cactus 440: Connect multiple representations: make sense of computation Hard Rock-Palladium SouthVirginia Bastable 441: Math AND Science not Math OR Science! A 3-Act Combo Lesson Hilton-Palm CanyonLeena Bakshi • Celine Liu 442: An Expanded Role for Equations Hilton-Plaza BDinah Brown • Joan Case 443: Spark Connections and Deepen Number Flexibility with Games! PSCC-Mesquite CNancy McGuire-Paulson 444: One Tool! So Much Depth for Multiplication & Fractions! Renaissance-Mojave Lrng CtrKim Sutton 445: Glittering Fraction Renaissance-Pueblo BTaik Kim 446: Spark a Love of Math Through the Use of Digital Portfolios Renaissance-Santa RosaStephanie Verners • Marla Wheeler 460: Identifying & Creating Quality MS Tasks to Motivate Students Hard Rock-Woodstock OneSuzie Fore • Jannelle Olivier 461: Using Proportions as a solid foundation for Linear Functions Hard Rock-Woodstock ThreeMichelle Allen • Johnny Reyes 462: Noodling (Note taking + Doodling) for Understanding Hilton-Horizon I 463: My Favorite Math Contest Problems Hilton-Plaza DDennis Mulhearn 464: Teaching with Tasks - Sparking Deeper Student Understanding PSCC-Mesquite DAndrea Cadman • Rebecca Williams 465: Growth Mindset in a Blended Learning Environment PSCC-Smoke Tree EJanet Bales 466: Building Complexity from Simple Little Pattern Blocks Renaissance-Chino BPat Ballew 470: Create an Engaging & Dynamic Algebra Classroom PSCC-Mesquite AKasey Grant • Al Rabanera 471: Orchestrating the Math Practices with At-Risk Students PSCC-Mesquite DJim Short • Jennifer Silva 472: Functional Thinking for Making Wise Decisions PSCC-Mesquite EAgnes Tuska 473: Arithmetic Sequences and Series as a Bridge to Quadratics PSCC-Mesquite FNate Goza • Liem Tran 474: Google Tools in the Math Class PSCC-Smoke Tree CMatt Vaudrey 475: Making the Math Practices Accessible to Students PSCC-Smoke Tree DJill Gough • Jennifer Wilson 476: Inquiry Based Geometry Instruction Enhanced with Technology PSCC-Smoke Tree FSarah Jensen 477: Looking for Structure and Repeated Reasoning in Algebra Renaissance-AndreasTyler Boogar • Joshua Chesler 478: Math Placement and Diagnostic Feedback Together! Renaissance-Chino BBruce Arnold 479: Back to Writing the Future of Our Classes Renaissance-Santa RosaCarl Blankenhorn • Lauren Swanson 481: Interactive Transformations: Sense Making With Visual Tools Hard Rock-Palladium SouthJedidiah Butler 495: I Love My AP Calculus Class! Renaissance-Mojave Lrng CtrHoward Alcosser 480: Mastering AP Statistics Multiple Choice Questions Hard Rock-RoxyDaren Starnes 482: Using Algebra Tiles to Spark Deeper Understanding - HS Hard Rock-Woodstock TwoCPM Educational Program 483: Stretching the Truth and Shifting the Blame PSCC-Mesquite ENate Goza • Liem Tran 484: Look Who's Talking! Mathematics Discourse in the Classroom PSCC-Mesquite FKathleen Monegan • Esmeralda Orozco 485: The Struggle is Real (World) PSCC-Smoke Tree APaul Battaglia 486: Toward Deeper Understanding of Exponential Functions PSCC-Smoke Tree BStaci Shackelford 487: Upgrade Your Card Sorts PSCC-Smoke Tree DShelley Carranza 489: Algebra & Functions: Look for Structure & Repeated Reasoning Renaissance-SierraAnne Cawley • Joshua Chesler 490: Use Innovative Feedback! Spark Relationship & Understanding Hard Rock-Roxy OneBrent Ferguson 450: What Could Go Wrong? (Addressing Math Misconceptions) Hard Rock-Palladium NorthMary Sirody 451: Engage Students: Increasing Opportunities to Respond (OTRs) Hard Rock-Roxy TwoKelly Nelson 452: Classroom Dessert: Real Assessment IsnÕt What You Think PSCC-Mesquite BJohn Stevens • Matt Vaudrey 453: Weapons of Math Instruction...APPSolutely PSCC-Mesquite GSteve Morris 454: The Truth About Mathematical Modeling PSCC-Mesquite HVanessa Cerrahoglu • Sarah Galasso 456: Clash of Systems: Using Clash of Clans to explore Maths PSCC-Smoke Tree CIan Young 457: Integrating Technology in the Math Classroom PSCC-Smoke Tree FAmy Springstead 458: Engaging formative assessment techniques with technology Renaissance-CatalinaEric Milou 410: Promoting Productive Discourse = Deeper Mathematics Learning Renaissance-MaderaDr. Mark Ellis • Craig McJunkin 430: Ignite Deeper Understanding: Educating Your Parent Community Hilton-Plaza ADr. Barb Blanke • Kimberly Kelly 431: Interventions that Ignite Understanding Renaissance-San JacintoPia Hansen 408: Coaching/Being Coached for Rigor: Essential Elements Renaissance-Chino AMardi Gale • Katie Salguero 409: Cross-District Collaboration to Align PD for Maximum Impact Renaissance-AndreasNadia Hillman • Nick Resnick 411: Let's Get Physical With Math on the Floor! PSCC-Mesquite GWendy Hill (The Learning Carpet) 420: Accessible Problem Solving for ALL K-2 Students Hilton-Horizon IISusie Katt • Tara Zuspan 421: Supporting the Development of Young Children's Counting Hilton-Plaza CNick Johnson • Angela Turrou 422: Mathematical Lenses: Learning How Students See Math Hilton-TapestryKristin Gray 423: The Nimble Number Line PSCC-Mesquite AKathleen McCarthy 426: LET'S EXPLORE THE CORE - with Math on the Floor! Renaissance-VenturaWendy Hill (The Learning Carpet) 425: Number Line Math for Teaching Place value Hilton-Horizon IIJane Felling 427: Get Parents On Board with CCSS Math: It Makes Sense! Hilton-TapestryTammy Foster • Brenda Heil 405: Let's Talk About Tests PSCC-Primrose APatrick Callahan 407: Engagement Through Student Created Math Videos Hard Rock-Woodstock TwoSean Nank

5:00pm PST


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