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Saturday, November 7

8:30am PST

502: 'Key Words Help' 'Inquiry Won't Work' and Other Myths PSCC-Primrose BAlex Dixon • Dr. Juli Dixon, Alex and Jessica Dixon 500: Number Talks and the Standards for Mathematical Practice: Teachers and Students Learning Together PSCC-Primrose ARuth Parker 501: Principles for Building and Using Effective Digital Tasks PSCC-Primrose BMichael Fenton 540: Fractions don't have to be Frustrating Hard Rock-RoxyKevin Dykema 541: Beyond Invert & Multiply: Make Sense of Fraction Computation Hard Rock-Woodstock ThreeJulie McNamara 542: Fraction Numbers Lines- your new BFF Renaissance-CactusJanelle Chisholm 543: Strip Models Tape Diagrams Bar Models Oh My! Renaissance-Pueblo BCassandra Turner 544: EXPLORE THE CORE - with Math on the Floor! Renaissance-VenturaWendy Hill (The Learning Carpet) 554: Soar with Common Core Math Fun Hilton-TapestryMichael Hatter • Viken "Vik" Hovsepian 560: Model-Eliciting Activities in Middle School Hilton-TapestryKimberly Knight • Jamie Santos 561: Pattern Blocks: The Forgotten Tool In Middle School! PSCC-Mesquite AJenn Hagman • Jennifer Moffett 562: Connecting student ideas about operating with zero to slope PSCC-Mesquite DVirginia Bastable 563: So You Want to Go into Modeling? PSCC-Smoke Tree ALori McNeill • Rebecca Williams 564: Fantasy Baseball: An Authentic Performance Task PSCC-Smoke Tree CAndrea Hammond • Gregory Hammond 565: Take Your Places Renaissance-CatalinaBrad Fulton 570: Lessons for SpED ELL & All Students Who Struggle w/ CCSSM PSCC-Mesquite ADianne DeMille • Jennifer Munoz 571: Increasing Coherence in High School Math PSCC-Mesquite FLew Douglas 572: Using Google Forms for Quick Formative Assessments PSCC-Smoke Tree CRachel Lasek 573: Pre-Assess Model Monitor Differentiate – Winning Combo PSCC-Smoke Tree DAllan Bellman 574: Problem Solving CCSS Rich Tasks Interactive Technologies PSCC-Smoke Tree ETom Reardon 575: Proofs Versus 'Poofs' Renaissance-AndreasNoureddine El Alam 576: Communicating Math through Vocabulary and Writing Renaissance-Chino BDeepti Khare • Craig Rawe 577: English and Math: a Natural Pairing for Common Core Renaissance-Pueblo ASusan Carle • Vanessa Cerrahoglu 578: Select/Sequence Student Work to Enhance Class Discussions Renaissance-Pueblo BCara Hetrick • Ron Tsui 579: Applied Mathematics in the High School Classroom Renaissance-VenturaHeather Dallas 595: Composition – Slope Fields Forever Renaissance-Chino AVeronica Carlson • Kim Thomas 580: AP Stats 2016 Walk Thru Hilton-Palm CanyonJared Derksen 581: Discrete Math Modeling: Learn Understand and Use! Hilton-Plaza AChuck Biehl 582: Understanding Algebraic Functions Ð Going Deeper Hilton-Plaza BBrenda Romanek 583: Making Sense of Statistics in Algebra 2 Hilton-Plaza CJacob Castaneda • Akonam Okoye 584: Creating Differentiated Materials is Easier Than You Think. Hilton-Plaza DAllan Bellman 585: Digging Into Mathematical Modeling (Insect Classification) PSCC-Mesquite BDan Teague 586: Rich Tasks: Collaboration and Conceptual Understanding PSCC-Mesquite FMatthew Taylor 587: It's Not About Answers-Mistakes Deepen Student Understanding PSCC-Mesquite HValerie Henderson • Micki Newland 588: How Do We Know If Students Really Understand? PSCC-Primrose CNanette Johnson 589: How Do We Know If Students Really Understand? PSCC-Primrose DNanette Johnson 590: Modeling Mathematics in Algebra PSCC-Smoke Tree BKatie Martinez 591: Enhancing algebra and geometry: Transformations in Geogebra PSCC-Smoke Tree FJonathon Berschauer • Armando Martinez Cruz 592: Statistics in Int 3:Be Random & Normal...w/ Margin for Error Renaissance-SierraRenee Kollar-Bachman • Tina Shinsato 593: Exploring Planes Vectors and Curves in 3D PSCC-Smoke Tree EDrew Ishii 550: Reading Reasoning and Writing to Deepen Math Understanding Hilton-Horizon IISarah Galasso • Jami Koustik 551: The Clothesline: Statistics on the Number Line PSCC-Mesquite EChris Shore 552: STEM Behind Football Activity Investigation and Application PSCC-Smoke Tree DTom Reardon 553: Debate in the Math Classroom to Spark Deeper Understanding Renaissance-AndreasLourdes Sanchez • Devina Williams 510: Strategies to Help Struggling Students Become Algebra Ready Hard Rock-Palladium NorthMatthew Cash • Kelly Urlacher 511: Where's the Math? PSCC-Mesquite CZack Miller 512: Starting A Math Fight PSCC-Mesquite GJohn Stevens 513: Algebra: Why is it destroying America Renaissance-MaderaPatrick Callahan 514: Lesson Study to Build Social Justice Goals Renaissance-Pueblo ALinda M Fulmore 530: Engage Parents in Learning through Family Math Nights Hard Rock-Woodstock TwoKaryn Hodgens 531: Place Value Models; Developing Algorithm Understanding Renaissance-Chino BLinda West 532: Gaining Deeper Understanding with a Coaching Relationship Renaissance-San JacintoLisa Purdy • Colleen Westfall 533: Beyond Fluency-Deepening Knowledge about What Students Know Renaissance-Santa RosaMarla Olson • Christine Roberts 599: Introducing Bridges in Mathematics K-5 PSCC-Mesquite HPia Hansen • Collin Nelson 508: Changing Teacher Practices: Teaching 101 to PD 101 Renaissance-Chino AAudrey Mendivil 509: Districtwide CGI Implementation Hard Rock-Roxy OneDinah Brown • Shelley Petersen 520: Fact Fluency: Sparking a Deeper Understanding with Families Hard Rock-Palladium SouthJennifer Ranum 521: Pattern and Place Value Connections Hard Rock-Roxy TwoMichelle Kubiak • Susan Kunze 522: Number Sense and a Love of Math Pre-K to Grade 3 Hard Rock-Woodstock OneBob Sornson 523: Composing & Decomposing For Deeper Understanding of + & - Hilton-Horizon ICook Marcy 524: Ten Frames Number Lines Rekenreks: Tools for Thinking Renaissance-Mojave Lrng CtrAnn Carlyle 506: Transforming Your Class Culture to be Positive & Engaging PSCC-Mesquite BEric Shulman 507: Bringing Parents Into the Learning Community PSCC-Smoke Tree FKelli Wasserman

10:30am PST

605: Digging Into Depth of Knowledge PSCC-Primrose CROBERT KAPLINSKY 601: Building a Coherent Teacher-Owned Middle School Curriculum PSCC-Primrose CBill McCallum 603: 'In the Position of Possibility' Many Mini Lessons Teaching and Learning in the Urban Classroom Renaissance-CatalinaDina Williams 600: Adding Talk to the Leadership Teaching and Math Equation PSCC-Primrose BLucy West 602: MAKE FAILURE CHEAP: WE ALL TAKE RISKS HERE PSCC-Primrose AMatt Vaudrey 604: Balancing Conceptual Understanding Application and Procedural Fluency in a Common Core Classroom PSCC-Mesquite BNora Ramirez 633: Place Value: Foundation to Success in All Operations Hard Rock-Woodstock ThreeSophia Burr • Nicholas Lopez 640: Personalized Learning with Technology Hard Rock-Palladium SouthKara Granger 641: Talk Number to Me: Fraction Number Strings Hard Rock-Roxy TwoChristina Lincoln-Moore • Rafael Quintanilla 642: Number Lines for Place Value Fractions Decimals & Percent Hard Rock-Woodstock TwoJohn Felling 643: Walk the Number Line With Research-Based Results! Renaissance-Mojave Lrng CtrKim Sutton 644: Math Tasks that Support 21st Century Learners Renaissance-Pueblo BMatt Haber • Satinder Singh 660: What to Do When Group Work IsnÕt Working Hilton-Plaza CYekaterina Milvidskaia • Tiana Tebelman 661: Building in Supports for English Learners in OER Curriculum Hilton-TapestryKristin Umland 662: Who is Doing math? PSCC-Mesquite DSunny Chin-Look • Anna Yu 664: Screencasting and Accountability in a 1:1 or BYOD Classroom PSCC-Smoke Tree EIvette Gomez • Maddison Nolan 670: Pythagoras + Geometry Habits of Mind With Geogebra PSCC-Smoke Tree FArmando Martinez Cruz • Lorenzo Rodriguez 671: Shift from “Coverage” to “Understanding” with Algebra Tiles PSCC-Mesquite FVivian Lezak • Micheal Marsh 672: Prob/Stats in Int 2/Geo: To Be or Not To Be.. Independent PSCC-Smoke Tree CRenee Kollar-Bachman • Tina Shinsato 673: Using Great Tasks to Teach Statistics Topics in Algebra PSCC-Smoke Tree DKyle Atkin 675: A Paper Cup + A Gust of Wind = Yearlong Rich Task Renaissance-AndreasPeg Cagle 677: Discrete Mathematics in High School Renaissance-Chino ABrian Hopkins 678: Use Your Opening Activity to Orchestrate Your Lesson Renaissance-Chino BAllan Bellman 679: No Slight of Hand Just Armed With Algebra Renaissance-Pueblo ABianca Converse • Cherlyn Converse 694: 3 Sets of 3 Questions–Practicing Inquiry With Taylor Series PSCC-Mesquite GBrent Ferguson 695: Mathematical Modeling in Calculus: Classroom-Tested Examples PSCC-Mesquite CDan Teague 696: Stats FRAPPYs! Free Response AP Problems Yay! Hilton-Plaza AJason Molesky • Douglas Tyson 680: Sparking Deeper Understanding with Simulations in Statistics Hilton-Palm CanyonJason Molesky • Douglas Tyson 681: Discrete Math Modeling: Learn Understand and Use! Hilton-Plaza AChuck Biehl 682: Doing Vs. Listening: Experience The Magic Of Cards With Math Hilton-Plaza BBianca Converse • Cherlyn Converse 683: Spy Listening Device and Meaningful Parabolas Hilton-Plaza DBruce Grip 684: Create Deep Understanding of Trig with the Unit Circle PSCC-Mesquite BJon Southam 685: Cafe Patternea: A project-based introduction to algebra PSCC-Mesquite FCarolyn Gray • Avery Pickford 686: Tech Skills for Student Success on the AP Calculus Exam PSCC-Smoke Tree BVeronica Carlson • Kim Thomas 690: Create a Deeper Understanding of Algebra Using Applications Renaissance-Pueblo AKasey Grant • Dr Al Rabanera 650: Practical Technology Integration to make your life easier Hilton-Horizon IVenetia Ricchio 651: Deeper Understanding Sparked by Univ/District Collaboration Hilton-Horizon IIKyle Atkin • Mike Lutz 652: The Clothesline: Geometry on the Number Line PSCC-Mesquite EChris Shore 653: Math Is Fun Ð As We Rise with Common Core Math Pedagogy PSCC-Smoke Tree CMichael Hatter • Viken "Vik" Hovsepian 654: Fabulous Google 'Form'-ative Assessments PSCC-Smoke Tree FKristan Morales • Rebecca Williams 655: Transformations: Making Sense with the Geometry Progression Renaissance-AndreasJedidiah Butler 610: Debate That! Sparking Engagement Through Debate in Math PSCC-Mesquite GChris Luzniak 611: Create & Engage: Math Lessons with Multimedia PSCC-Smoke Tree DLori Bluemel 612: Using Metacognition to Develop Growth Mindset Renaissance-CactusNick Cannis 613: Co-Plan Go Teach: Maximize Teachers' Collaborative Nature Renaissance-Santa RosaGina Barnes • Kim Webb 614: Math Ed Advocacy Strategies for Parents & Key Stakeholders Renaissance-VenturaMarianne Smith 630: Going Beyond Buzz Words: Rigor in the Mathematics Classroom Hard Rock-RoxyShelbi Cole • Marni Greenstein 631: Using Number Talks to Empower Student Learners PSCC-Mesquite AAngela Dube-Robinson • Marcia Puckett 632: From Access to Ownership: Supporting our ELs in Math PSCC-Mesquite CLisa Melton Pizzuto • Michelle Staine 634: The CGI (Cognitive Guided Instruction) Classroom Renaissance-Chino BSusan Tate • Julie Yearsley 635: Sparking Algebraic Thinking and Problem Solving Without XÕs Renaissance-San JacintoDonna L Knoell 699: Make the Perfect Play in Math PSCC-Mesquite HMary Curry 615: Lil' Mathematicians Workstations Hard Rock-Woodstock OneShalek Chappill 616: Learning to Love the Number Line! Whole Number Operations Hard Rock-Woodstock TwoCristina Charney • Janeal Maxfield 620: CGI with Young Children: Stories to Problems Hard Rock-Palladium NorthKristin Artim • Hasmik Cochran 621: Extending Counting to Problem Solving in Early Childhood Hard Rock-Roxy OneNick Johnson • Angela Turrou 622: Developing Competency for Essential Pre-K and K Math Skills Hard Rock-Woodstock OneBob Sornson 623: SUBITIZING!Ê A QUICK RECOGNITION OF QUANTITIES Hard Rock-Woodstock ThreeMary Dickerson • Jackie Piddington 624: Deepen Student Understanding by Connecting Representations PSCC-Mesquite HMeg Hearn • Julie McGough 625: To Number Bonds...And Beyond! PSCC-Smoke Tree AJennifer Moffett • Jill Schwartz 608: Practices Practices & More Practices - A Focus on Teaching Renaissance-SierraDonna Lione 609: Make the Way: Student agency authority and identity Renaissance-Chino AJoan Easterday • Brent Jackson

1:15pm PST

702: The Whole Problem-Solving Process: Traversing Gaps Between Thinking Talking Writing and Typing Renaissance-CatalinaAnnie Fetter 700: Boost Conceptual Understanding & Procedural Fluency with Rich Number Sense Tasks PSCC-Primrose AAndrew Stadel 701: From Arithmetic to Algebra - And Beyond PSCC-Primrose CJason Zimba 703: Equally Important as Real World: Proof and Reason Renaissance-AndreasHeather Dallas 707: ÊLeadership and Classroom Pedagogy Leading to Student Proficiency for ALL in Mathematics Renaissance-San JacintoSusie Hakansson 704: Course and Unit Blueprints Renaissance-Mojave Lrng CtrPatrick Callahan • Kristin Umland 735: How Big? How Much? Exploring Measurement and Data Hilton-Plaza BJennifer North Morris 736: Which Fraction Representation is Best PSCC-Smoke Tree BLynne Redman-Co 740: Integrating Algebraic Thinking:ÊThe Power of a Routine Hard Rock-Palladium SouthMelissa Canham • Glenda Martinez 741: Building Measurement Lessons While Moving Full STEAM Ahead Hard Rock-RoxyLaura LaBelle • Gregg Nelsen 743: Teaching Students to Make Conjectures Renaissance-Pueblo AJeff Linder 744: Sparking Deeper Understanding Through Real-World Problems Renaissance-Pueblo BRhoda McEntee 742: Teaching EL Math Students Through Rich Tasks Renaissance-SierraGlenn Kenyon • Noam Szoke 745: Sum Thing Interesting Hilton-Horizon IBrad Fulton 746: Hearts in an Earthworm a Pentagon Toes on Human Foot? Hard Rock-Woodstock OneTeresa McCarthy • Nancy Paulson 747: Composing Problem Solving in Your Common Core Classroom Hard Rock-RoxyJennifer Morris • Kristyl Nuckolls 760: Fluency Founded on Number Sense Hard Rock-Palladium NorthVicki Vierra 761: Math -- When Will We Ever Use It? Hilton-Horizon IEd Zaccaro 762: Evening the playing field through facts fluency development Hilton-Horizon IIAnn Kim • Jane Noh 763: Revolutionize Your Class One Open-Ended Question at a Time Hilton-Plaza ASteven Krolikowski 764: THE PATCH ÒCOREÓ QUILT Hilton-TapestryJames Nadler 765: Begin Your Class with a Bang! PSCC-Mesquite DRalph Connelly 767: Sparking Understanding using Authentic Problem Solving PSCC-Smoke Tree AAlexis Diaz • Nancy Butler Wolf 768: Designing OER Digitally Enhanced Lessons PSCC-Smoke Tree EKatherine Nowak 770: Solving Common Core and Fun Problems With Confidence PSCC-Mesquite DMichael Hatter • Viken "Vik" Hovsepian 771: Group Work Strategies for Student Mathematical Discourse PSCC-Mesquite GMicheal Marsh • Carrie Velasco 772: Merging the Bookends of STEM: Science and Mathematics PSCC-Smoke Tree DJeff Lukens 773: TI-84CEcolor & TI-SmartView Emulator Tips Tricks Pedagogy PSCC-Smoke Tree ETom Reardon 774: Maximizing Critical Thinking Via Algebra PSCC-Smoke Tree FDr. Roberto Soto 775: The Practices Are For Kids Renaissance-CatalinaChris Shore 776: Math Modeling 'Out of the Box': A Closer Look at CA CCSSM Hilton-Horizon IIChuck Biehl 777: Structuring Student Learning with Comprehensive Notebooks Hilton-Palm CanyonBence Szamosfalvi 778: Mathematical Modeling Renaissance-Chino AMindy Shacklett 780: Shifting Cognitive Load through Geometric Transformations Hilton-Plaza BYekaterina Milvidskaia • Tiana Tebelman 781: Well Designed Collaborative Groups+Modeling=Math Practices Hilton-Plaza CAllan Bellman 782: Trigonometry and the Ferris Wheel PSCC-Mesquite BAlan Ladner 783: Differentiating Problem Based Tasks for Deeper Understanding PSCC-Mesquite EJill Rosenblum 784: Interactive Review Games That Ignite the Spark Renaissance-CactusRandall Hoffman 785: Use Statistics to Understand the World Around You Renaissance-SierraElyse McVerry • Michael Nakamaye 750: Significance Tests are More Than Just a P-value Hilton-Palm CanyonDouglas Tyson • Luke Wilcox 751: The Mathematics of Voting Hilton-Plaza DMatt Lane 752: Student Discourse - Let the Students Do the Thinking PSCC-Mesquite FMatthew Taylor 753: Surviving the Apocalypse...with Math PSCC-Mesquite GJohn Mahlstedt 754: Ignite Math Literacy with Interactive Notebooks! PSCC-Mesquite HKen Davis • Lisa Hoegerman 755: Yes You Can Math Teachers! Collect Your Own Data! PSCC-Smoke Tree BJeff Lukens 756: Using Formative Data to Facilitate Teacher-led Workshops PSCC-Smoke Tree CKimberly Samaniego 757: Math Tech-Toolkit PSCC-Smoke Tree DRachel Lasek 758: Ignite Algebra with Activities and Assessment Renaissance-Mojave Lrng CtrVeronica Carlson • Kim Thomas 759: Language Thinking and Mathematics Renaissance-Santa RosaJavier Garcia 710: Coherence of Ratios & Proportions Through Student Thinking PSCC-Mesquite CBrandon McMillan • Theodore Sagun 711: Rhythm and Dance Mathematics Renaissance-VenturaKarl Schaffer 730: Spark Deeper Understanding of Student Thinking in Base Ten Hard Rock-Roxy OneKathleen Bird • Linda Picht 731: It's All About that Task No Trouble Hard Rock-Roxy TwoNicholas Lopez 732: Model with mathematics: why what and how Hard Rock-Woodstock ThreeShuhua An 733: Parents Discover The Treasures of Sense-Making Strategies! Hard Rock-Woodstock TwoNancy McGuire-Paulson 734: Go Digital with Go Math! PSCC-Smoke Tree FBrian Hightower • Noelle Kreider 799: The HMH Player App:  Enable On and Off Line Learning PSCC-Mesquite HCaroline Haefling 705: Everyday Every Class: Formative Assessment for SMPs Renaissance-CactusEric Frandsen • Nick Resnick 712: Orchestrating Students Mathematics Via Professional Noticing Hard Rock-Roxy TwoElizabeth Gamino • Melinda Riccardi 720: Developing Competency for Gr 1 and 2 Essential Math Skills Hard Rock-Woodstock OneBob Sornson 721: Using Anchor Tasks in the Common Core Classroom PSCC-Mesquite ALinda West 722: Sparking Deeper Understanding through Subitizing Games Renaissance-Chino BKelly Ann Sassone 709: ÒIÕm Not Really a Math PersonÓ: Coaching Anxious TeachersÓ Renaissance-Chino ATracy Zager

3:15pm PST

804: REPEAT: Google Tools in the Math Classroom PSCC-Mesquite CMatt Vaudrey 803: The Problem is We Need Better Problem-Solving PSCC-Primrose BFAWN NGUYEN • Andrew Stadel 800: Math is Power not Punishment PSCC-Primrose ADan Meyer 801: Sense Making? Aren’t We Already Doing That In Literacy? PSCC-Primrose CAnnie Fetter 840: Number and Operations using Manipulatives Hard Rock-Palladium NorthKevin Dykema 841: Promoting Discourse and Conceptual Understanding Hilton-TapestryPaula Muehler 843: Thinking Critically About Math: Comparing and Connecting PSCC-Smoke Tree DAnna Scharfeld 844: True or False? 4 hundreds + 14 tens > 50 + 400 Renaissance-Chino BDaniel Kim • Lisa Saldivar 849: What do you mean 'Let them have FUN?' PSCC-Mesquite APat Ballew 842: Assessment Practices + DOK = Deeper Understanding of Math Renaissance-San JacintoChristine Roberts • Stephanie Verners 845: Composing Problem Solving in Your Common Core Classroom Hard Rock-Woodstock OneJennifer Morris • Kristyl Nuckolls 870: Setting the Tone with the Mathematical Practices PSCC-Mesquite BMartha Barrett • Kristie Donavan 860: 10 Challenging Problems and P-S Strategies to Solve Them Hilton-Horizon IEd Zaccaro 861: Give Them Something to Talk About Hilton-Plaza AAndrea Cadman • Lori McNeill 862: Developing Students Algebraic Thinking and Academic Language Hilton-Plaza CJeanne Ramos 863: Shorten Your Scope and Sequence Without Sacrificing Content PSCC-Mesquite FJ.J. Martinez • Tim Rochester 864: Make No Mistakes About Integers! Renaissance-Santa RosaTracey Dunn • Matt Green 871: Rubrics Portfolios Continuums: Alternatives to Percentages PSCC-Mesquite FMindy Shacklett 872: Zombies in the High School Classroom PSCC-Smoke Tree ADr. Leann Iacuone • Elizabeth Wilson Ludy 873: #SlowMath: Looking for Meaning Before the Procedure PSCC-Smoke Tree DJill Gough • Jennifer Wilson 874: Use Zombies and Forensics to Enhance Your Math Classroom PSCC-Smoke Tree EJeff Lukens 875: Orchestrating the CC Classroom With FORMative Assessments PSCC-Smoke Tree FCheryl Brown 876: Discover How Anyone Can Speak Write and Engage Common Core Renaissance-CatalinaCat Nolan 877: Bay Area Secondary Partners: San Francisco and Oakland Renaissance-MaderaHarold Asturias • Lizzy Hull Barnes • Phil Daro • Phil Tucher 878: Active Algebraic Thinking Renaissance-Mojave Lrng CtrBrian Beaudrie • Barbara Boschmans 879: From Seeing Dots to Lewis Carroll Renaissance-SierraMaureen Burkhart • Michelle Katz 882: Persevering in Solving Problems Hilton-Plaza ADaniel Ilaria 880: What If? Structured Questioning for Understanding Hilton-Palm CanyonJason Molesky • Douglas Tyson 881: Doing Vs. Listening: Experience The Magic Of Cards With Math Hilton-Plaza BBianca Converse • Cherlyn Converse 883: Fostering High School Teachers' Changes in Practice PSCC-Mesquite ECyndia Acker-Ramirez • Lisa Michel 884: Access The Practices Through Non-Routine Problems PSCC-Mesquite GCarl Oliver 885: Empowering and Creating Mathematicians PSCC-Primrose CMaya Maroun 886: A Deeper Understanding of Algebra Through Studying Exercise Renaissance-AndreasPaul Kelley 887: Creating Connections for Struggling Learnings of Algebra Renaissance-VenturaAl Rabanera 850: Engagement Strategies for the Common Core Classroom Hilton-Plaza DMadeleine Strasburg 851: Understanding A Deep Number Structure via Doubling PSCC-Mesquite BChristopher Brownell 852: The Hyperbolic Paraboloid: A Deeper Understanding PSCC-Mesquite DKaren Vaughn 853: Structures for Differentiating PSCC-Mesquite HAvery Pickford 854: Discover Transformational Geometry in 15 Seconds Grades 8-11 PSCC-Smoke Tree BTom Reardon 855: Promoting Deeper Understanding through Digital Activities PSCC-Smoke Tree EMyra Deister 856: Fostering A Deep Understanding of Functions with Desmos PSCC-Smoke Tree FVeronica Holbrook • Dr. Roberto Soto 857: Two-Way Frequency Tables: Teaching a New Statistics Standard Renaissance-CatalinaChase Orton 858: Magic tricks teaching pre-algebra and algebra Renaissance-Pueblo BIvona Grzegorczyk 859: Building Classroom Culture: Restorative Justice and Circles Renaissance-SierraAnne Schwartz 830: How can we use district math tasks as formative assessments? Hard Rock-Palladium SouthKathy Diaz • Julie McGough 831: iRobot! Do You? Hard Rock-Roxy OneAlina Mills • Kyle Myers 832: Warm-ups to Ignite Mathematical Discourse Hard Rock-Woodstock ThreeMonica Acosta • Darlene Fish Doto 833: Supporting ELsÕ Problem Solving and Understanding Renaissance-Pueblo ANora Ramirez 805: Do You Know It When You See It? CCSS-M Implementation K-8 Renaissance-CactusNeal Finkelstein • Nick Resnick 808: Engaging and Interactive Math Parent Nights Renaissance-Chino AEric Shulman 809: Coaching for Equity Renaissance-CactusVeroncia Ernandes • Rebecca Horwitz 810: “Clap Like Me” for Early Math Learning – Birth to Five Renaissance-Santa RosaRebecca Lewis • Vicki Vierra 811: Games for the PK-2 Grade Classroom! Hard Rock-Woodstock ThreeKim Sutton 820: Measurement and Data Oh My! Hard Rock-RoxyShalek Chappill-Nichols 821: Build Number Sense and Deeper Understanding through Games Hard Rock-Roxy TwoLaura Choate 822: Performance Tasks in the Primary Classroom Hard Rock-Woodstock OneAnnie Graton • Abbey Shaw Linder 823: DonÕt be Quick to Count-on: Teaching with Deep Understanding Hard Rock-Woodstock TwoBeverly Ford • Tiffany Friesen 824: Fact Fluency: Sparking a Deeper Understanding with Families Hilton-Horizon IIJennifer Ranum 825: Developing Mathematical Concepts for ALL Early Learners PSCC-Mesquite CCaryl Pierson • Susie Whisnant 826: Fostering Independence in a Problem-Based Classroom PSCC-Smoke Tree AAnnel DelTorro • Catalina Martinez 827: Deepen Understanding through Purposeful Questioning PSCC-Smoke Tree CSusie Katt • Tara Zuspan 828: Going Deep for Understanding Place Value! Renaissance-Mojave Lrng CtrKim Sutton 829: 15 problem types? Helping students make sense of operations Renaissance-San JacintoAstrid Fossum • Marni Greenstein 806: Research Can Impact Curricular Decisions in a K-12 Classroom Hard Rock-Roxy TwoElizabeth Gamino • Lori Hamada 807: Use TI Technology to Help Orchestrate a CC Classroom PSCC-Mesquite GNaomi Fried-Kokason • Tania Lopez

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