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This year’s conference is in Fabulous Palm Springs, Friday, November 6 and Saturday, November 7!
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Friday, November 6

8:30am PST

10:30am PST

201: Connecting Data to Instruction - Looking at Smarter Balanced Items & Responses to Inform Instruction PSCC-Primrose CJudy Hickman 202: What is Academic Rigor in the Primary Classroom? PSCC-Primrose AKathleen Richardson 241: Station Teaching in Action: Unpacking Meaning of Fraction PSCC-Mesquite ABridget Druken • Alison Marzocchi 243: Creating Conversation and Communication in Math Renaissance-Mojave Lrng CtrStephanie Dempsey • Kimberly Voge 262: Ratios Rates and Fractions Oh My! Hard Rock-Woodstock TwoEllen Whitesides 268: Don't Cell Yourself Short: Sparking Deeper Understanding! PSCC-Smoke Tree CCindy Bryant 269: Icons Do It: Targeted Feedback to Support Student Learning Renaissance-AndreasSendhil Revuluri 272: Multiple Representations to Support Modeling Renaissance-VenturaKyndall Brown 284: AP Calculus: Connecting and Developing Math Practices PSCC-Mesquite FGail Burrill • Benjamin Hedrick 285: The Struggle is Real (World) PSCC-Smoke Tree APaul Battaglia 252: Using FREE technology to increase and assess understanding PSCC-Smoke Tree EKristi Sedlak • Edward Simons 230: Formative Assessment Practices in CGI Hilton-Plaza CGabby Cardenas • Olivia Lozano 208: Changing the Game: Redefining District Assessments Renaissance-Chino AAudrey Mendivil 220: Oh the Math That They'll Know! ÊK - 2ÊPost Game Activities Hilton-Horizon IJane Felling 222: Teacher Moves to Differentiate your CGI Math Lesson Hilton-Plaza BNoelani Ogasawara Morris • Kelly Peters 224: Sparking Deeper Understanding with Lesson Study Renaissance-Chino BLinda Guss • Clifford Schaeffer

1:30pm PST

300: Teaching Mathematics: Reflections and Insights on >1000 Classroom Observations PSCC-Primrose BSteven Leinwand 302: Conferring and Questioning to Spark Deeper Understanding PSCC-Primrose ACathy Fosnot 340: Involve ALL in Meaningful Algebraic Thinking Experiences Hilton-Horizon ICook Marcy 341: IGNITE your math class with MATH TALKS! Hilton-Palm CanyonRhoda McEntee 361: Did you say transformations or transformers? PSCC-Mesquite ATamara Bonn 363: The Power of Feedback PSCC-Mesquite HJenn Hagman • Kelli Wasserman 380: Making Sense of Inference for Sampling and Experiments Hard Rock-RoxyDaren Starnes 381: Introducing the 4th-year HS Math Course Hard Rock-Roxy OneDiana Ceja • Lilian Metlitzky 382: Identifying & Creating Quality HS Tasks to Motivate Students Hard Rock-Woodstock OneSuzie Fore • Jannelle Olivier 384: Exciting and Valuable Assessments PSCC-Mesquite EAnais Arteaga • Meghan McGovern 387: Getting High School Students to Communicate Mathematically Renaissance-SierraKatie DeGraffenreid • Megan Scott 355: Using Google Forms for Quick Formative Assessments PSCC-Smoke Tree FRachel Lasek 310: Student Self Assessment for Deeper Understanding Hard Rock-Palladium SouthMindy Shacklett 311: Six Essential Expectations for Effective Math Instruction Renaissance-Chino ADr. Juli Dixon, Alex and Jessica Dixon 301: Scaffolding Students Towards Authentic Mathematical Modeling PSCC-Primrose CHeather Dallas 309: Essential Math Concepts for Preservice Teachers PreK-6 Renaissance-Pueblo ARajee Amarasinghe • Joanne Rossi Becker

3:30pm PST

402: Letting Go: Cultivating Agency and Authority in the Secondary Mathematics Classroom PSCC-Primrose BCathy Humphreys 442: An Expanded Role for Equations Hilton-Plaza BDinah Brown • Joan Case 460: Identifying & Creating Quality MS Tasks to Motivate Students Hard Rock-Woodstock OneSuzie Fore • Jannelle Olivier 461: Using Proportions as a solid foundation for Linear Functions Hard Rock-Woodstock ThreeMichelle Allen • Johnny Reyes 480: Mastering AP Statistics Multiple Choice Questions Hard Rock-RoxyDaren Starnes 485: The Struggle is Real (World) PSCC-Smoke Tree APaul Battaglia 487: Upgrade Your Card Sorts PSCC-Smoke Tree DShelley Carranza 489: Algebra & Functions: Look for Structure & Repeated Reasoning Renaissance-SierraAnne Cawley • Joshua Chesler 490: Use Innovative Feedback! Spark Relationship & Understanding Hard Rock-Roxy OneBrent Ferguson 450: What Could Go Wrong? (Addressing Math Misconceptions) Hard Rock-Palladium NorthMary Sirody 452: Classroom Dessert: Real Assessment IsnÕt What You Think PSCC-Mesquite BJohn Stevens • Matt Vaudrey 454: The Truth About Mathematical Modeling PSCC-Mesquite HVanessa Cerrahoglu • Sarah Galasso 457: Integrating Technology in the Math Classroom PSCC-Smoke Tree FAmy Springstead 458: Engaging formative assessment techniques with technology Renaissance-CatalinaEric Milou 422: Mathematical Lenses: Learning How Students See Math Hilton-TapestryKristin Gray 426: LET'S EXPLORE THE CORE - with Math on the Floor! Renaissance-VenturaWendy Hill (The Learning Carpet)
Saturday, November 7

8:30am PST

500: Number Talks and the Standards for Mathematical Practice: Teachers and Students Learning Together PSCC-Primrose ARuth Parker 541: Beyond Invert & Multiply: Make Sense of Fraction Computation Hard Rock-Woodstock ThreeJulie McNamara 544: EXPLORE THE CORE - with Math on the Floor! Renaissance-VenturaWendy Hill (The Learning Carpet) 565: Take Your Places Renaissance-CatalinaBrad Fulton 580: AP Stats 2016 Walk Thru Hilton-Palm CanyonJared Derksen 583: Making Sense of Statistics in Algebra 2 Hilton-Plaza CJacob Castaneda • Akonam Okoye 584: Creating Differentiated Materials is Easier Than You Think. Hilton-Plaza DAllan Bellman 586: Rich Tasks: Collaboration and Conceptual Understanding PSCC-Mesquite FMatthew Taylor 587: It's Not About Answers-Mistakes Deepen Student Understanding PSCC-Mesquite HValerie Henderson • Micki Newland 588: How Do We Know If Students Really Understand? PSCC-Primrose CNanette Johnson 589: How Do We Know If Students Really Understand? PSCC-Primrose DNanette Johnson 591: Enhancing algebra and geometry: Transformations in Geogebra PSCC-Smoke Tree FJonathon Berschauer • Armando Martinez Cruz 550: Reading Reasoning and Writing to Deepen Math Understanding Hilton-Horizon IISarah Galasso • Jami Koustik 552: STEM Behind Football Activity Investigation and Application PSCC-Smoke Tree DTom Reardon 553: Debate in the Math Classroom to Spark Deeper Understanding Renaissance-AndreasLourdes Sanchez • Devina Williams 510: Strategies to Help Struggling Students Become Algebra Ready Hard Rock-Palladium NorthMatthew Cash • Kelly Urlacher 533: Beyond Fluency-Deepening Knowledge about What Students Know Renaissance-Santa RosaMarla Olson • Christine Roberts 522: Number Sense and a Love of Math Pre-K to Grade 3 Hard Rock-Woodstock OneBob Sornson 523: Composing & Decomposing For Deeper Understanding of + & - Hilton-Horizon ICook Marcy 524: Ten Frames Number Lines Rekenreks: Tools for Thinking Renaissance-Mojave Lrng CtrAnn Carlyle

10:30am PST

1:15pm PST

703: Equally Important as Real World: Proof and Reason Renaissance-AndreasHeather Dallas 707: ÊLeadership and Classroom Pedagogy Leading to Student Proficiency for ALL in Mathematics Renaissance-San JacintoSusie Hakansson 743: Teaching Students to Make Conjectures Renaissance-Pueblo AJeff Linder 744: Sparking Deeper Understanding Through Real-World Problems Renaissance-Pueblo BRhoda McEntee 760: Fluency Founded on Number Sense Hard Rock-Palladium NorthVicki Vierra 764: THE PATCH ÒCOREÓ QUILT Hilton-TapestryJames Nadler 784: Interactive Review Games That Ignite the Spark Renaissance-CactusRandall Hoffman 785: Use Statistics to Understand the World Around You Renaissance-SierraElyse McVerry • Michael Nakamaye 752: Student Discourse - Let the Students Do the Thinking PSCC-Mesquite FMatthew Taylor 754: Ignite Math Literacy with Interactive Notebooks! PSCC-Mesquite HKen Davis • Lisa Hoegerman 756: Using Formative Data to Facilitate Teacher-led Workshops PSCC-Smoke Tree CKimberly Samaniego 757: Math Tech-Toolkit PSCC-Smoke Tree DRachel Lasek 758: Ignite Algebra with Activities and Assessment Renaissance-Mojave Lrng CtrVeronica Carlson • Kim Thomas 759: Language Thinking and Mathematics Renaissance-Santa RosaJavier Garcia 730: Spark Deeper Understanding of Student Thinking in Base Ten Hard Rock-Roxy OneKathleen Bird • Linda Picht 732: Model with mathematics: why what and how Hard Rock-Woodstock ThreeShuhua An 720: Developing Competency for Gr 1 and 2 Essential Math Skills Hard Rock-Woodstock OneBob Sornson 722: Sparking Deeper Understanding through Subitizing Games Renaissance-Chino BKelly Ann Sassone

3:15pm PST


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