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Welcome to California Mathematics Council - South’s 2015 Annual Conference Program!
This year’s conference is in Fabulous Palm Springs, Friday, November 6 and Saturday, November 7!
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Sherese Ferrell

Murrieta Valley Unified
Murrieta Elementary
Friday, November 6




399: Vendor Presentation Renaissance-Cactus 334: Tuning Up Fractions Hilton-Plaza BLinda West 340: Involve ALL in Meaningful Algebraic Thinking Experiences Hilton-Horizon ICook Marcy 341: IGNITE your math class with MATH TALKS! Hilton-Palm CanyonRhonda McEntee 342: Understanding the Scale Factor Hilton-Plaza AMeg Hearn • Anita Williams 343: Mathematics a verb?! Hilton-Plaza BRebecca Heneise • Ros‡ngela Viera 344: Catching Students Up on Fractions Without Reteaching Hilton-Plaza DBarbara Beske • Shelbi Cole 345: Thinking Critically About Math: Comparing and Connecting PSCC-Smoke Tree EAnna Scharfeld 330: A ParentÕs Guide for Thinking Tools: The Number Line K-5 Hilton-Horizon IIChristina Lincoln-Moore 331: Code Code Code Your Bot Gently Down The STEAM! Hilton-TapestryKyle Myers • Tracy Ramont 332: Using Hundreds Charts-It's For More Than Just Counting PSCC-Mesquite CMichelle Kubiak • Susan Kunze 333: More Math Please! Renaissance-VenturaNancy Brown • Ron Brown 301: Scaffolding Students Towards Authentic Mathematical Modeling PSCC-Primrose CHeather Dallas 302: Conferring and Questioning to Spark Deeper Understanding PSCC-Primrose ACathy Fosnot 320: Counting & Number Sense with Young Children Hilton-Plaza CLinnea Paul • Rosie Torres 322: The Hundred Chart- Not Just a Wall Ornament! Renaissance-San JacintoJanelle Chisholm 323: What Does Maker Education Have To Do With Math? Renaissance-SierraJoshua Curtiss • Casie Shea 303: Five Instructional Shifts to Orchestrate K-5 CC Classrooms Hilton-Horizon IJuli Dixon 305: Starting a Math Fight Hard Rock-RoxyJohn Stevens 306: Monitoring a Task for Orchestrating Classroom Discussions Renaissance-Chino BBruce Arnold • Common Core Circles Committee


406: Renaissance-Pueblo A 499: Vendor Presentation Renaissance-Cactus 440: Connect multiple representations: make sense of computation Hard Rock-Palladium SouthVirginia Bastable 441: Math AND Science not Math OR Science! A 3-Act Combo Lesson Hilton-Palm CanyonLeena Bakshi • Celine Liu 442: An Expanded Role for Equations Hilton-Plaza BDinah Brown • Joan Case 443: Spark Connections and Deepen Number Flexibility with Games! PSCC-Mesquite CNancy McGuire-Paulson 444: One Tool! So Much Depth for Multiplication & Fractions! Renaissance-Mojave Lrng CtrKim Sutton 430: Ignite Deeper Understanding: Educating Your Parent Community Hilton-Plaza ABarbara Blanke • Kimberly Kelly 403: Mathematical Practice In the Classroom PSCC-Primrose BWilliam McCallum 421: Supporting the Development of Young Children's Counting Hilton-Plaza CNick Johnson • Angela Turrou 422: Mathematical Lenses: Learning How Students See Math Hilton-TapestryKristin Gray 423: The Nimble Number Line PSCC-Mesquite AKathleen McCarthy 426: LET'S EXPLORE THE CORE - with Math on the Floor! Renaissance-VenturaWendy Hill 425: Number Line Math for Teaching Place value Hilton-Horizon IIJane Felling 427: Get Parents On Board with CCSS Math: It Makes Sense! Hilton-TapestryTammy Foster • Brenda Heil 404: Each Child is Mathematically Amazing: Learning From Students to Support Participation Hilton-Horizon IMegan Franke 405: Let's Talk About Tests PSCC-Primrose APatrick Callahan 407: Engagement Through Student Created Math Videos Hard Rock-Woodstock TwoSean Nank


Saturday, November 7


540: Fractions don't have to be Frustrating Hard Rock-RoxyKevin Dykema 541: Beyond Invert & Multiply: Make Sense of Fraction Computation Hard Rock-Woodstock ThreeJulie McNamara 542: Fraction Numbers Lines- your new BFF Renaissance-CactusJanelle Chisholm 543: Strip Models Tape Diagrams Bar Models Oh My! Renaissance-Pueblo BCassandra Turner 544: EXPLORE THE CORE - with Math on the Floor! Renaissance-VenturaWendy Hill 530: Engage Parents in Learning through Family Math Nights Hard Rock-Woodstock TwoKaryn Hodgens 531: Place Value Models; Developing Algorithm Understanding Renaissance-Chino BLinda West 532: Gaining Deeper Understanding with a Coaching Relationship Renaissance-San JacintoLisa Purdy • Colleen Westfall 502: 'Key Words Help' 'Inquiry Won't Work' and Other Myths PSCC-Primrose BAlex Dixon • Juli Dixon 501: Principles for Building and Using Effective Digital Tasks PSCC-Primrose BMichael Fenton 599: Introducing Bridges in Mathematics K-5 PSCC-Mesquite HPia Hansen • Collin Nelson 520: Fact Fluency: Sparking a Deeper Understanding with Families Hard Rock-Palladium SouthJennifer Ranum 521: Pattern and Place Value Connections Hard Rock-Roxy TwoMichelle Kubiak • Susan Kunze 522: Number Sense and a Love of Math Pre-K to Grade 3 Hard Rock-Woodstock OneBob Sornson 523: Composing & Decomposing For Deeper Understanding of + & - Hilton-Horizon ICook Marcy 506: Transforming Your Class Culture to be Positive & Engaging PSCC-Mesquite BEric Shulman 507: Bringing Parents Into the Learning Community PSCC-Smoke Tree FKelli Wasserman



735: How Big? How Much? Exploring Measurement and Data Hilton-Plaza BJennifer North Morris 736: Which Fraction Representation is Best PSCC-Smoke Tree BLynne Redman-Co 740: Integrating Algebraic Thinking:ÊThe Power of a Routine Hard Rock-Palladium SouthMelissa Canham • Glenda Martinez 741: Building Measurement Lessons While Moving Full STEAM Ahead Hard Rock-RoxyLaura LaBelle • Gregg Nelsen 743: Teaching Students to Make Conjectures Renaissance-Pueblo AJeff Linder 744: Sparking Deeper Understanding Through Real-World Problems Renaissance-Pueblo BRhonda McEntee 742: Teaching EL Math Students Through Rich Tasks Renaissance-SierraGlenn Kenyon • Noam Szoke 745: Sum Thing Interesting Hilton-Horizon IBrad Fulton 746: Hearts in an Earthworm a Pentagon Toes on Human Foot? Hard Rock-Woodstock OneTeresa McCarthy • Nancy Paulson 747: Composing Problem Solving in Your Common Core Classroom Hard Rock-RoxyJennifer Morris • Kristyl Nuckolls 730: Spark Deeper Understanding of Student Thinking in Base Ten Hard Rock-Roxy OneKathleen Bird • Linda Picht 731: It's All About that Task No Trouble Hard Rock-Roxy TwoNicholas Lopez 732: Model with mathematics: why what and how Hard Rock-Woodstock ThreeShuhua An 733: Parents Discover The Treasures of Sense-Making Strategies! Hard Rock-Woodstock TwoNancy McGuire-Paulson 734: Go Digital with Go Math! PSCC-Smoke Tree FBrian Hightower • Noelle Kreider 703: Equally Important as Real World: Proof and Reason Renaissance-AndreasHeather Dallas 799: The HMH Player App:  Enable On and Off Line Learning PSCC-Mesquite HCaroline Haefling 720: Developing Competency for Gr 1 and 2 Essential Math Skills Hard Rock-Woodstock OneBob Sornson 721: Using Anchor Tasks in the Common Core Classroom PSCC-Mesquite ALinda West 704: Course and Unit Blueprints Renaissance-Mojave Lrng CtrPatrick Callahan • Kristin Umland