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This year’s conference is in Fabulous Palm Springs, Friday, November 6 and Saturday, November 7!
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Friday, November 6

8:30am PST

100: Using Technology to Increase Conceptual Understanding in Algebra and Geometry PSCC-Primrose AAnnie Fetter 140: Deepen Fractional Thinking within a Blended 'Learning Pit' PSCC-Mesquite AValerie Henry • Rudy Neufeld 160: Proportional Reasoning: 3 Strategies to Spark Engagement PSCC-Mesquite DShelley Kriegler • Cynthia Raff 161: Use Cubes as a Setting for Your Problem Solving PSCC-Mesquite HDennis Mulhearn 162: Rich Real World Problems PSCC-Primrose BROBERT KAPLINSKY 184: Conceptual to Procedural: Reversing Your Ideas of Inverse PSCC-Mesquite BBarbara Kuehl • Janet Sutorius 185: Deepening Algebraic Thinking and Understanding PSCC-Mesquite EAl Rabanera • Armandina Turner 186: What Math is Important in ÒAlgebra II and PreCalculusÓ? PSCC-Mesquite FGail Burrill 187: Sparking the SMPs Ð Make Sense Reason and Model PSCC-Smoke Tree BElizabeth Gasque 188: Do Not Become un-ÔHingedÕ Learn to Diagnose! PSCC-Smoke Tree DCeline Liu • Debra Mintz 154: Deeper Understanding for High School Special Ed Students PSCC-Smoke Tree ADianne DeMille • Jennifer Munoz 155: Watch Your Language: Spark Understanding Thru Conversation PSCC-Smoke Tree CMarcella Cook • Linda Faulk 110: Analyzing Strong Math Instructional Practices through Video PSCC-Mesquite GBarbara Beske • Shelbi Cole 111: Model Classrooms: Innovating with Technology and Mathematics PSCC-Smoke Tree EMichael Akins • Lisa Waide 112: Create Dynamic Digital Learning Experiences with Google PSCC-Smoke Tree FCherie Brown • Julie Schultz 132: Sparking Deeper Understanding in ELs: It Is Possible! PSCC-Mesquite CElmano Costa 107: Digital Tools + Three-Act Tasks: Marriages Made in the Cloud PSCC-Primrose CArjan Khalsa • Julie McNamara

10:30am PST

200: Rigorous Teaching and LearningÑSparking StudentsÕ Passions PSCC-Primrose BLee V. Stiff 201: Connecting Data to Instruction - Looking at Smarter Balanced Items & Responses to Inform Instruction PSCC-Primrose CJudy Hickman 202: What is Academic Rigor in the Primary Classroom? PSCC-Primrose AKathleen Richardson 241: Station Teaching in Action: Unpacking Meaning of Fraction PSCC-Mesquite ABridget Druken • Alison Marzocchi 265: Expressions and Equations: 3 Strategies to Spark Engagement PSCC-Mesquite DShelley Kriegler • Cynthia Raff 266: Number Talks Ð You Can Start Next Week!! PSCC-Mesquite GChris Harris • Laura Ruggles 267: Meaningful teaching of Integers Expression n Equations PSCC-Mesquite Hguillermo mendieta 268: Don't Cell Yourself Short: Sparking Deeper Understanding! PSCC-Smoke Tree CCindy Bryant 282: Be Careful What You Ask For! Questioning for Understanding PSCC-Mesquite BBarbara Kuehl • Janet Sutorius 283: Increasing Access to AP Calculus with Vertical Planning PSCC-Mesquite ENate Goza • Liem Tran 284: AP Calculus: Connecting and Developing Math Practices PSCC-Mesquite FGail Burrill • Benjamin Hedrick 285: The Struggle is Real (World) PSCC-Smoke Tree APaul Battaglia 286: Promoting Productive Struggle through Proofs in Geometry PSCC-Smoke Tree DNatasha Desai 251: Battling Zombies with STEM Strategies PSCC-Smoke Tree BJeff Lukens 252: Using FREE technology to increase and assess understanding PSCC-Smoke Tree EKristi Sedlak • Edward Simons 232: Fluency: More Than Facts! PSCC-Mesquite CJenn Hagman • Kelli Wasserman 233: DonÕt Wait: Create Math Curriculum on Your iPad Now! PSCC-Smoke Tree FGlenn Kenyon

1:30pm PST

300: Teaching Mathematics: Reflections and Insights on >1000 Classroom Observations PSCC-Primrose BSteven Leinwand 302: Conferring and Questioning to Spark Deeper Understanding PSCC-Primrose ACathy Fosnot 345: Thinking Critically About Math: Comparing and Connecting PSCC-Smoke Tree EAnna Scharfeld 361: Did you say transformations or transformers? PSCC-Mesquite ATamara Bonn 362: 5 Steps to a Growth Mindset Culture in Co-Teach Classes PSCC-Mesquite DCarla Jacobs • Margaret Macabasco 363: The Power of Feedback PSCC-Mesquite HJenn Hagman • Kelli Wasserman 364: Division of Fractions Through Problem Progressions PSCC-Smoke Tree AMarisa Aoki 365: Creating a Puppy Ð A Transformational Geometry Activity PSCC-Smoke Tree BFred Decovsky 383: Digging Into Mathematical Modeling (Insect Classification) PSCC-Mesquite BDan Teague 384: Exciting and Valuable Assessments PSCC-Mesquite EAnais Arteaga • Meghan McGovern 385: Intutiion to Formal Math: Engaging Contexts Spark Learning PSCC-Mesquite FJim Short 386: A Deeper Understanding of Algebra Through Studying Exercise PSCC-Smoke Tree CPaul Kelley 353: Googlizing a Math Unit..Putting the FUN back in Fundamental! PSCC-Mesquite GSteve Morris 354: Looking deeper: the interplay between math tech and art PSCC-Smoke Tree DBryant Cooper • Kellie Evans 355: Using Google Forms for Quick Formative Assessments PSCC-Smoke Tree FRachel Lasek 332: Using Hundreds Charts-It's For More Than Just Counting PSCC-Mesquite CMichelle Kubiak • Susan Kunze 301: Scaffolding Students Towards Authentic Mathematical Modeling PSCC-Primrose CHeather Dallas

3:30pm PST

400: Facilitating Meaningful Discourse in Mathematics Classroom PSCC-Primrose AMargaret Smith 401: From Counting to Problem Solving: Supporting the development of understanding for each student PSCC-Primrose CMegan Franke 402: Letting Go: Cultivating Agency and Authority in the Secondary Mathematics Classroom PSCC-Primrose BCathy Humphreys 443: Spark Connections and Deepen Number Flexibility with Games! PSCC-Mesquite CNancy McGuire-Paulson 464: Teaching with Tasks - Sparking Deeper Student Understanding PSCC-Mesquite DAndrea Cadman • Rebecca Williams 465: Growth Mindset in a Blended Learning Environment PSCC-Smoke Tree EJanet Bales 483: Stretching the Truth and Shifting the Blame PSCC-Mesquite ENate Goza • Liem Tran 484: Look Who's Talking! Mathematics Discourse in the Classroom PSCC-Mesquite FKathleen Monegan • Esmeralda Orozco 485: The Struggle is Real (World) PSCC-Smoke Tree APaul Battaglia 486: Toward Deeper Understanding of Exponential Functions PSCC-Smoke Tree BStaci Shackelford 487: Upgrade Your Card Sorts PSCC-Smoke Tree DShelley Carranza 452: Classroom Dessert: Real Assessment IsnÕt What You Think PSCC-Mesquite BJohn Stevens • Matt Vaudrey 453: Weapons of Math Instruction...APPSolutely PSCC-Mesquite GSteve Morris 454: The Truth About Mathematical Modeling PSCC-Mesquite HVanessa Cerrahoglu • Sarah Galasso 456: Clash of Systems: Using Clash of Clans to explore Maths PSCC-Smoke Tree CIan Young 457: Integrating Technology in the Math Classroom PSCC-Smoke Tree FAmy Springstead 423: The Nimble Number Line PSCC-Mesquite AKathleen McCarthy
Saturday, November 7

8:30am PST

500: Number Talks and the Standards for Mathematical Practice: Teachers and Students Learning Together PSCC-Primrose ARuth Parker 501: Principles for Building and Using Effective Digital Tasks PSCC-Primrose BMichael Fenton 561: Pattern Blocks: The Forgotten Tool In Middle School! PSCC-Mesquite AJenn Hagman • Jennifer Moffett 562: Connecting student ideas about operating with zero to slope PSCC-Mesquite DVirginia Bastable 563: So You Want to Go into Modeling? PSCC-Smoke Tree ALori McNeill • Rebecca Williams 564: Fantasy Baseball: An Authentic Performance Task PSCC-Smoke Tree CAndrea Hammond • Gregory Hammond 585: Digging Into Mathematical Modeling (Insect Classification) PSCC-Mesquite BDan Teague 586: Rich Tasks: Collaboration and Conceptual Understanding PSCC-Mesquite FMatthew Taylor 587: It's Not About Answers-Mistakes Deepen Student Understanding PSCC-Mesquite HValerie Henderson • Micki Newland 588: How Do We Know If Students Really Understand? PSCC-Primrose CNanette Johnson 589: How Do We Know If Students Really Understand? PSCC-Primrose DNanette Johnson 590: Modeling Mathematics in Algebra PSCC-Smoke Tree BKatie Martinez 591: Enhancing algebra and geometry: Transformations in Geogebra PSCC-Smoke Tree FJonathon Berschauer • Armando Martinez Cruz 593: Exploring Planes Vectors and Curves in 3D PSCC-Smoke Tree EDrew Ishii 551: The Clothesline: Statistics on the Number Line PSCC-Mesquite EChris Shore 552: STEM Behind Football Activity Investigation and Application PSCC-Smoke Tree DTom Reardon 511: Where's the Math? PSCC-Mesquite CZack Miller 512: Starting A Math Fight PSCC-Mesquite GJohn Stevens

10:30am PST

601: Building a Coherent Teacher-Owned Middle School Curriculum PSCC-Primrose CBill McCallum 600: Adding Talk to the Leadership Teaching and Math Equation PSCC-Primrose BLucy West 602: MAKE FAILURE CHEAP: WE ALL TAKE RISKS HERE PSCC-Primrose AMatt Vaudrey 662: Who is Doing math? PSCC-Mesquite DSunny Chin-Look • Anna Yu 664: Screencasting and Accountability in a 1:1 or BYOD Classroom PSCC-Smoke Tree EIvette Gomez • Maddison Nolan 684: Create Deep Understanding of Trig with the Unit Circle PSCC-Mesquite BJon Southam 685: Cafe Patternea: A project-based introduction to algebra PSCC-Mesquite FCarolyn Gray • Avery Pickford 686: Tech Skills for Student Success on the AP Calculus Exam PSCC-Smoke Tree BVeronica Carlson • Kim Thomas 652: The Clothesline: Geometry on the Number Line PSCC-Mesquite EChris Shore 653: Math Is Fun Ð As We Rise with Common Core Math Pedagogy PSCC-Smoke Tree CMichael Hatter • Viken "Vik" Hovsepian 654: Fabulous Google 'Form'-ative Assessments PSCC-Smoke Tree FKristan Morales • Rebecca Williams 610: Debate That! Sparking Engagement Through Debate in Math PSCC-Mesquite GChris Luzniak 611: Create & Engage: Math Lessons with Multimedia PSCC-Smoke Tree DLori Bluemel 631: Using Number Talks to Empower Student Learners PSCC-Mesquite AAngela Dube-Robinson • Marcia Puckett 632: From Access to Ownership: Supporting our ELs in Math PSCC-Mesquite CLisa Melton Pizzuto • Michelle Staine 624: Deepen Student Understanding by Connecting Representations PSCC-Mesquite HMeg Hearn • Julie McGough 625: To Number Bonds...And Beyond! PSCC-Smoke Tree AJennifer Moffett • Jill Schwartz

1:15pm PST

3:15pm PST


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